My #mcm as he watches a replay of Jagielka burying a 30 yard screamer for the equalizer. Look at his sad little face. @d_cooper14

how the fuck does thing work again?


what’s up weirdos?

Lykke Li #TheObservatory #Nofilter

when you all finally meet paige it’ll be like:

How does Tinder work?

so far Grindr is just matching me with dudes

let me tell you guys about that time I went on a date

and we talked about the movies that made us cry

and we both agreed on “UP”

and I said “50/50”

she said “Passion of the Christ”

because “They were hurting my Jesus”

so I just sat there and munched my pasta

waiting for some hint of sarcasm

then i said,

you know that’s not real right?

then she said

"I know it’s Mel Gibson but still"

I actually did plan to go to Brazil for the World Cup this year.

I had the money and everything

until my friend told me not to

I mean he said it’s pretty scary there

and this was a dude

who was the head of the secret service that’s guarding the Israel Embassy in Argentina

also served in the IDF special forces for years

and spent a couple of years inside the deepest israeli base in Lebanon

and getting shelled almost every other night.

survived an ambush

and a mine explosion

if that dude was scared there

why the fuck would I go?



Oh baby when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad so be wise and keep on reading the signs of my body.

……………….Damn Shakira suck Piques face off lol!

She kissed him like he won La Liga or something…

If I go to that dinner and have to fucking friend zone someone whilst I’m eating free pasta I’ll be really pissed