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woaaah congrats, where are you taking her

literally no fucking idea i didn’t think i’d get this far

1. take her to 3 different places that’s within walking distance with each other. 

i.e. Take her to a museum/art gallery + dinner + bowling

The more places/ positive experiences she associate with you the more she will feel like she knows you for a long time.

2. Try to kiss her.

And not at the end of the date, during it. Saying that, you can’t kiss her if you haven’t hugged her, and you can’t kiss her if you haven’t even held her hand.

it’s a ladder.

3. Don’t ever be defensive.

If you try to kiss her and she rejects you. Don’t whine about it, just think “not yet”. You haven’t earned it. Change the subject. Make her laugh, take her somewhere else. then try again.

So today was the 3rd anniversary of Arsenal beating Barcelona 2-1 at the Emirates.

Which means Dillon and I have been going to the pub for 3 years.



our savior

Funny, that’s also my name after sex.